5 Simple Student Hacks to Better Your Mental Health

Sometimes student life feels overwhelming and even just getting out of bed is deemed a mammoth task within itself. So when combined with (what for many students are) new priorities in the form of cooking, cleaning, washing your own clothes and managing your own finances, on top of balancing a degree and a social life, things can all get a bit too much! We have compiled a list of 5 simple hacks to make overwhelming student life much more manageable!


Hack 1- Befriend Dry Shampoo, Deodorant and Baby Wipes.

Make dry shampoo, deodorant, baby wipes and any other easy to use, hygiene products your best friend! When the deadlines are coming in thick and fast and showering is at the very bottom of the pecking order, a baby wipe and spritz of dry shampoo can make all the difference in making you look more put together than you feel, increasing your productivity levels and self-esteem without requiring any effort or time at all!


Hack 2- Let Listing Be Your Middle Name.

Breaking down what for many first-year students are brand new tasks and priorities to consider, like doing your own laundry, food shopping, cleaning, washing up or taking out the bins, into daily tasks through the creation of a Rota for yourself or your flat can help adulting feel more manageable. As a first-year student myself, I have found that getting my lifestyle tasks down on paper in the form of to do lists and/or weekly Rotas can help me feel more on top of everything and stop the laundry bin or washing up bowl from overflowing, whilst the fridge is empty!


Hack 3- Say NO without FOMO!

Student life, although exciting and fun, can be incredibly daunting, draining and overwhelming and many students can place themselves under immense pressure to live the ‘best years of their lives’ to the fullest. Whilst experiencing FOMO (the fear of missing out) which forces them to say yes to every night out, social/ club or freshers' event. Saying yes to everything whilst missing home, adapting to life (for what many first-year students is) in a new city and your chosen degree will only lead to you feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. Learn to prioritize the things, events and people you most want to see, spend time with or experience and set time aside each week to do nothing too. Learning to say NO without FOMO and establishing your individual mental health checkpoints can prevent you from feeling burnt out, meaning that your social battery is recharged, and you are able to fully immerse yourself within and enjoy that the social events you actually attend.


Hack 4- Enjoy Freshers’ Freedom!

Try and take time out of your week to enjoy the newfound freedom of being a fresher! Explore your new hometown and remind yourself of the positive aspects of student life that perhaps you looked forward to prior to becoming a university fresher. Remember that your student life and university experience is what YOU make it, so try and set time aside weekly to go on a walk, watch the sunset on the beach or take yourself on a coffee date. Good times make the harder times easier to deal with so the more you look after you, the less daunting student life becomes!


Last but not least, Hack 5- Remember It’s Okay To Not Feel Okay... all the time.

Give yourself time to adjust to student life and all that university entails and remember that it is okay to not be okay, but what is not okay is to fight feelings of overwhelm, stress, homesickness or anxiety alone. Reach out to friends, family, loved ones or professionals if you are struggling and remember that above all else, your mental health must take number one priority! Your life as a student may take time to fulfill your expectations and that is okay, give yourself time to adjust to your new routine and enjoy the freshers’ fun!


If life ever gets too much or you want someone to talk to, our dm's are always open to help and support you guys through the harder times. You can simply message us on instagram or Whatsapp us on 07533222324 and someone will be happy to listen!