Oct 7, 2021

Brighton & Sussex Official Winter Ball Review- Looking Back to 2019

As we approach the festive season, it only makes sense to celebrate in style as we have missed out on joyous partying during the pandemic. Brighton & Sussex Official Winter Ball is an event for any student in Brighton who fancies being a bit more classy, celebrating the end of the autumn term and getting some great, Christmas card worthy, photos. 

Sep 22, 2021

The Best of Sports and Societies at Sussex and Brighton University

As we approach freshers' week, we thought it would be a good idea to collate some the best societies, sports and student media options at both Brighton University and the University of Sussex.

Sep 15, 2021

Ask For Roxy Comes to Boundary

After the launch of #askforroxy in June this year, there has been a great reception on our attempt to help our Rox Residents feel safer going out! With our highly anticipated Boundary Festival coming up on the 25th September, this is the perfect opportunity to encourage safe partying. 

Sep 7, 2021

Brighton & Sussex Student Bus Guide

I remember when I first stared at The University of Sussex in 2019, one of the things I found really difficult was how to navigate my way through a new city as well as getting used to the new student lifestyle.  As a fresher, I was well versed on the different events, club nights and where to get drink, but getting from A to Z was a little but more confusing.  I have put together a little guide to make this journey a little easier...

Aug 25, 2021

Five Reasons Why Studying in Brighton is the best

With Brighton being home to almost 19,000 student it is one of the best places to live as a young person! Being home to the University of Sussex, Brighton University and BIMM, there are plenty of opportunities to meet more students and live your best student life. 

Aug 18, 2021

Silent Disco Party- British Airways i360

Beat the Back to School Blues at our silent Disco Party at the British Airways i360. Every year, Rox teams up with one of Brighton's most iconic landmarks. 

Aug 3, 2021

🎪☀️ Boundary Brighton 2021 - Line Up Announced! ☀️🎪

Our Boundary Brighton Festival 2021 line up is finally here and it’s the biggest and best ever for our 5th year anni...

Jul 29, 2021

We Are Back - The Return of Rox

What a week! After over a year of our events being cancelled, missed and postponed, Rox is finally bringing back better times. 

Jul 21, 2021

Celebrations with Rox

If you have got a birthday coming up or one of your friends is looking to celebrate in style, Rox offers a range of free upgrades and packages each tailored to ensure you have a night to remember. These are all without that daunting price tag to ensure that you can have a night to remember without blowing the budget!

Jul 14, 2021

Jager Wristband- My Personal Experience 2019

After the launch of our long awaited Jager Wristband last week, here is some more detail about the ultimate freshers' pass that lasts all year!

Jun 28, 2021

The Roxy Campaign #AskForRoxy

We decided that it was time to utilise the platform we have developed to promote and deliver the safest environments for our events. Taking inspiration from #AskForAngela, we bring you the #AskForRoxy Campaign.

Jun 23, 2021

Graduation Grub- The Guide to Celebration Dining

As exams come to an end and dissertations are being handed in, it is no surprise that parents get a bit more generous with the food outings as celebrations start this summer. As most graduations have been cancelled or postponed, it can be difficult to plan celebrations with your family and friends. Here we have a few suggestions on where to take your parents when you are feeling a bit fancier as a part of your graduation celebrations!
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