Five Reasons Why Studying in Brighton is the best

With Brighton being home to almost 19,000 student it is one of the best places to live as a young person! Being home to the University of Sussex, Brighton University and BIMM, there are plenty of opportunities to meet more students and live your best student life. 

Brighton is well known for being a cultural hub for creatives and lovers of food and drink. As well as this, Brighton is often seen as one of the more progressive areas in the United Kingdom, with its connections to the LGBTQ+ movement and pride. 

We decided that we would collate some of our favourite things about living in Brighton as we welcome many new faces while University starts up again this September!

1. Food and drink

With the Laines being the centre of Brighton's food and drink culture, there are plenty of opportunities to grab some exciting stuff. There are some incredible coffee shops, for example Trading Post Coffee, Presuming Ed's, which are perfect for studying, catching up with friends and getting some lovely hot drinks. Also, there are some great restaurants such as Wild Flor, Urchin and Petite Pois. This means that Brighton is a great place for dining out with friends, even on a student budget...


2. Creative hub

Being around an hour away from London, Brighton carries on this creative vibe. With museums, independent shops and the more liberal attitudes, paired with quite a young population, Brighton is one of the biggest cultural hubs outside of London. 

3. The Sea

The seafront is one of Brighton's best offerings, with the Pier and the multitude of fish and chip shops. One of the best parts of being a student in Brighton is enjoying the seafront in the summer months. I am sure a lot of us can relate to the regret of going in the sea after a few too many on a night out, but that is just part of the fun!

4. Nightlife

The part of Brighton that most students are acquainted with, the nightlife. It comes as no surprise that a city full of students is abundant in clubs, bars and pubs. With most nights offering great music, hoards of people and cheap drinks, Brighton is one of the best places to go clubbing. Whether it's cU Next Tuesdays at The Arch or Runway Fridays at Shooshh, it's bound to be a great night! For more information about nights out, click here. 


5. Independent shops and thrifting:

Brighton is home to many independent shops and second hand clothing stores. The Laines are full of fun and exciting shops to browse, from little clothing boutiques, to maze-like second hand shops like Snooper's Paradise. Exploring these treasures can be a great day out, or part of your usual routine in Brighton!

If you fancy checking out more things to do in Brighton, read our Brighton Bucket List for summer here!