Non-Alcoholic Brighton: The Guide to Going Out Sober

Whether you are designated driver or just not fancying a pint, here is a guide to get you through a night out, without the hangover, whilst still enjoying yourself!

MEATLiquor near the North Laines have a really diverse menu featuring ‘frothies’ (beer), ‘grape juice’ (wine) and ‘tails’ (cocktails). They also make delicious milkshakes as well as ‘hardshakes’ which are milkshakes with a little bit of added liqueur. For example, their Toffee Apple hardshake has Stoli Salted Karamel vodka, Apple Liqueur and a caramel milkshake base. These look exactly the same as their normal milkshakes so whether you are in the mood for an alcoholic treat or not you can indulge at Meat Liqueur. They also have a selection of weaker beers and ice cream floats!


Shooshh is a great place for a night out, whether you are drinking or not. They offer a selection of cocktails including ‘Shooshh’ on the Beach and the Good Time Girl. All of their cocktails can be made to order without the alcohol so you can enjoy a refreshing, fancy-looking drink without having to worry about how you are getting home! All of their cocktails come either by the glass or a pitcher. Shooshh also offer a selection of food options, including vegan alternatives. With the view of the beach, this is the perfect place to spend an evening, whether you decide to drink or not!

The Arch has an off license on its premises meaning you can shop for the alcohol you fancy or take your pick of the non-alcoholic beer that they stock. So, whether you are on the beach or en route to another place, you can enjoy the atmosphere without the hangover! Having a non-alcoholic beer is one of the best ways to not drink and not have any questions asked. The Arch also stock a few weaker beers and lagers as well as other soft drinks.

Globalls in the marina is a great place to go if you fancy an evening activity that is not centred around drinking. Now that pubs and bars have opened it can seem that every night is alcohol based, so if you are hungover or just not fancying a drink, this is the perfect night out. It is a UV light mini golf course with a ball pit, a giant zebra and lots of photo opportunities. This could be the perfect first date idea or something to do with your mates after a few too many at the pub the night before!

Brighton Music Hall, located on the beach front, have a selection of live music most nights. Their outdoor seating is a great spot to enjoy the sunset with some entertainment. They have a selection of cocktails available that can be made into mocktails on request.

The Black Lion in the South Laines have a large selection of weaker and non-alcoholic IPAs. They also stock SeepLip non-alcoholic gin, so if you like the taste of alcohol but not the repercussions, you can enjoy a gin and tonic here!

Drinking is never necessary for having fun, especially when you are with friends. We hope that these tips help you to enjoy Brighton night life without any pressure to drink!