The Official Rox Freshers Hall of Fame 2021

After an incredible five months of being back and better than ever, we thought it was a good time to reminisce over some of our favourite memories and create our highlight reel of this years Brighton & Sussex Freshers 2021. 

Nandos Night

Runway bought you Brighton's first ever Nando's night. What's better than a night out at Runway Fridays and a cheeky Nandos! You know that feeling when the kebab shop is looking too tempting over the road... so why not just feast while you're clubbing. 

McDonalds Event  

Similar to our Nandos Night, food and clubbing seems to be a big hit whether it's at CU Next Tuesday at The Arch or our Runway Fridays at Shooshh. We bought you the return of one of CU Next Tuesday biggest freshers events of the year, tons of free mcdonalds and our very own Ronald Mcdonald.

Sex Education Appreciation Night

This event is probably up there with some of the most ridiculous props we've had, with a generous amount of free condoms, phallic cupcakes and other raucous paraphernalia, this themed club night was one of my favourites. 

Tom Zanetti 

This year Runway Fridays has bought you an incredible range of artists and performers. We proudly presented Tom Zanetti, a British DJ, rapper and music producer. Having him at our acclaimed Runway Fridays was definitely a highlight of this year! Tom Zanetti not only bought the crowd to life, but there was plenty of crowd surfing and madness along the way.

Crowdsurfing at CU Next Tuesday

We are used to a good measure of Mischief and Madness at our CU Next Tuesday event at The Arch, but this was another level!

Mamma Mia Night

Now who isn't a fan of Abba? Apparently nobody, because this event absolutely sold out! We had non-stop Abba music all night, some great themed costumes and a few dancing queens! Make sure to check out our Mamma Mia x Abba Christmas Special which is coming up this Decmeber!

Bangers and Cash

We all know that clubbing is not kind on the purse strings, especially living in Brighton as a student. Our Bangers and Cash event ensured that people were given the opportunity to win from 1p to £100 whilst on a night out. It also ended itself to some great photo opportunities!

After an incredible few months of partying, we have made some great memories... we cannot wait to welcome you to our club nights for more exciting themes, games and photo opportunities!