We #DaredtoDream and now thanks to you it's Dreams Never Die


It has been an incredibly tough year for us and we know it has been the same for everyone. After the most recent government announcement that very much suggests we will be able to host Boundary Brighton Festival in 2021 we didn't know what would happen, how people would react and to be brutally honest if we would sell tickets like we used to.

We have been incredibly overwhelmed by the support and faith you guys have shown us. We have sold thousands of tickets daily since the announcement and already approaching selling out nearly 7 months away. We could never dream of this happening such are the volumes of sales. We have never seen anything like this. We don't have a line up announced so it is amazingly encouraging to know people in our festival and what we have all created. We truly believe there is no festival like Boundary. In 4 years we have never seen any bad vibes, violence or anything negative from any of our community of festival goers. If anything hasn't been perfect it has been because our oversight. We take all feedback and criticism on board and ensure the following year the issues are addressed. The atmosphere, setting, line ups and sheer enjoyment we have seen with our own eyes every year will be returning this September. 
We started the #daretodream hashtag earlier this year and thanks to you guys it looks like the saying Dreams Never Die is true after all ❤️
If you want to join us this year tickets are still selling like crazy and we are approaching sell out on £40 tickets 💨

See you all in September.

You can book tickets for Boundary Brighton Festival 2021 here.

ps here is one of our favourite Boundary Brighton memories sent in to us