Who Remembers That Night When... Snoop Dogg came to Brighton!

snoop dogg in brighton at shooshh nightclub performing for brighton rox promotions student university nightlife party legendary rapper graces brighton seafront

Runway Fridays has brought some extraordinary guests to its infamous stage and doors in the past…

The night legendary UK boyband Blue randomly turned up to party giving us only 2 hours warning, Kurupt FM and half of TOWIE (odd combination we know) turning up and partying whilst we had guest DJ Steel Banglez, how about worldwide superstar Jason Derulo partying with us for over 2 hours on stage and drinking over £25k worth of champagne! Or when the hottest artist on the planet at the time Kid Ink came to perform show me, main chick & more with people desperately just trying to touch Mr Ink. Lethal Bizzle had possibly the biggest queue we have ever seen in our lives stretching from Shooshh nightclub all the way down to Brighton Palace Pier and he had the club going absolutely crazy. Lethal B's microphone had to be pulled out and performance stopped for everyone’s safety such was the hype inside the building! World famous glamour model Demi Rose, Professor Green, Waka Flocka Flame, Sigma, Mike Skinner from The Streets, Grandmaster Flash, African superstar Wiz Kid blessed us, Tory Lanez, J Hus, Pia Mia, Krept & Konan the list is endless but no one or nobody can top the night uncle Snoop Dogg came to Brighton seafront for what was one of the most memorable clubbing events in Brighton nightlife history. 

6 years ago on a cold December evening, tickets for the event sold out in under an hour. Anticipation had been building, the Brighton rumour mill was in full swing with genuine doubts Snoop would be turning up, so much so even we had an ounce off doubt wondering if we could seriously pull this off. Living up to his billing, 2 hours late, a huge tour bus pulls up outside Buddies Brighton… two human beings each over 7ft tall and easily 25 stone hop off the bus first. They liaise with the Shooshh Brighton security team and we wait. A crowd of people gathers in anticipation (this is now midnight and people have been waiting since 7pm to catch a glimpse of Snoop) in a movie like scene the doors finally open, a tropical aroma escapes the bus and there he is in real life - Snoop Dogg standing outside of Buddies Brighton in the early hours on Brighton seafront.
Snoop walks to the venue surrounded by security, the club is going crazy as the DJ announces Snoop Dogg’s arrival is imminent. Snoop, calm and cool takes it all in his stride. With a small grin, he enters through the back stage doors to a plethora of noise. An eruption inside Shooshh as for 30 seconds everyone truly goes bananas. We pinch ourselves as we can’t quite believe its Snoop Dogg up on our Runway Fridays stage. The atmosphere is electric as Snoop can do no wrong. Whatever song is up next creates a roar of energy, vibrating throughout the whole venue. The dance floor is going crazy. The bar is going crazy. The VIP is going crazy. The smoking area is going crazy. The staff are going crazy. Everyone is going crazy!
Snoop is a pleasure for the 3 hours or so he is with us. He invites people up for pictures, DJ’s, raps and speaks on the microphone and performs old skool Snoop Dogg bangers on repeat. Snoop’s team were professional and courteous, inviting people for photos on the tour bus afterwards even though they had a busy schedule. The night whizzed by in a blur, even now we still have to watch the video and look at the photos to recap on what actually happened.
Time stood still on Brighton seafront for one cold December night, it really was one of those ‘I was there when ROX Promotions brought Snoop Dogg to Brighton’ even now with video evidence we still get people saying it simply couldn’t have and didn’t happen, but it did. 1000 students and Snoop Dogg in a nightclub in Brighton. One of our best memories and one of the best events we have ever had the pleasure of hosting.