Alcotraz x CU Next Tuesday

The Rox Promotions team were kindly invited to the cocktail experience called Alcotraz in central Brighton this week. Alcotraz is different from anything else there is out there. It's a perfect mix of cocktails/mocktails at a bar with Orange is the New Black Netflix vibes and an amazing theatrical aspect. One of the interesting parts of the night is that you have to smuggle in your own sealed bottle of spirit. 

The team at Alcotraz then proceed to make you 4 personalised cocktails each, spread throughout the experience, from all the alcohol used in your group (disguised as chicken soup of course…). If you don't drink, you don't have to bring anything and get to have 4 expert mocktails made instead.


As soon as we entered the venue we were greeted by actors who helped us disguise our bottles and gave us some very flattering orange jumpsuits so we really felt the part. We were then introduced to one of the inmates who was very friendly and like us, wasn’t a fan of the warden… He then escorted us to our jail cell.


The night was split between the live, immersive show as well as having some down time to enjoy the drinks and chat amongst your group. Our group actually got asked to participate as they needed to “search” us and our cell for contraband. We had to stand at the front of the prison in front of everyone and get interrogated whilst the other guards were posing with our items and taking selfies on our phones. When they finally found something (we were set up…), we were sent to “the hole” with the inmate I mentioned earlier. We all made friends though so he gave us each a shot that he had smuggled in. 


He then proceeded to ask us if we had any talents. My friend actually did and as bizarre as it sounds, he can fart with his hands, ear and eyeball. So of course, once we left “the hole” there was a talent show to which my friend had to perform those tricks in front of everyone and of course, we won!


All in all the experience was great and we really felt involved. All the actors were amazing and even on the times where not too much was happening and we could just enjoy our drinks, they still came around and spoke to us and took photos with us!


CU Next Tuesday and Alcotraz have since teamed up together to give Jager wristband holders in Brighton and Sussex an amazing new offer! 


We are now offering a new birthday discount code. 


This gives you the following:


 - A 35% discount off Alcotraz tickets on Tuesday evenings (7:05pm and 9:30pm)

A free birthday package at CU Next Tuesday that includes - 

  • free entry for the birthday person
  • guestlist entry for the rest of your group
  • queue jump
  • free round of shots
  • free pizza 
  • and professional photos


To claim the deal, message @roxpromotions with proof of your jäger wristband purchase for us to give you the discount code when booking your Alcotraz tickets. You can then show your Alcotraz ticket at the CU Next Tuesday door to gain your upgrades! 


First tickets for this deal will be available from the 14th February.


*You will need to bring your Jäger wristband with you to both venues to claim the deal.*


Book your tickets here