Best Vegan Fast Food Restaurants in Brighton

 Gone are the days where eating vegan means sludgy tofu and ‘cheese’ that tastes of cardboard. 

We are now spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing plant based snacks. It's not just vegans who love to tuck in to a meat free treat - vegetarians, flexitarians and full on meat eaters are going meat free too!

Whether you’re after a juicy kebab, freshly rolled sushi, or the seaside classic - fish and chips, Brighton’s vegan food scene has something for everyone. Here are some of the best;


1) Happy Maki

If you love sushi, or even if you think you dont - you need to try a sushi burrito from Happy Maki. 

They have two locations in Brighton - one on the seafront and one in the North Laines and both open seven days a week. 

The hoisin duck, sweet chilli chicken, crispy cod tartare and avocado k.i.s.s are some of their most popular burritos. If that isn't enough they also do a range of poke bowls, sides and sushi bowls which do not disappoint. 

Happy Maki’s founder, Anna, is passionate about Gift Economy and feels this is the only way to operate a truly ethical business. They operate on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis, making this an inclusive option for everyone.


2) What the Pitta

Whether you’ve been vegan your whole life or just fancy trying something new, everyone craves a kebab once in a while. What the Pitta - as featured on BBC Two’s Britain's top takeaways, offers the perfect solution for when you fancy something a bit naughty. 

They serve a selection of doner and chicken kebabs, chip boxes, gyros and burgers - all meat free, so now you can indulge guilt free!

Check out their garlic mayo whilst you’re there, it's truly out of this world.


3) Purezza

After opening in 2015, Purezza became the UK’s first fully vegan pizzeria. Anything you would expect to find in a classic Italian restaurant is on the menu. 

From freshly baked pizza to homemade meatballs, Purezza has it all. You can choose from meat free pancetta, tuna, sausage, pepperoni or a range of tasty vegetables to enjoy on a pizza - there are so many delicious options. 

Purezza are also committed to sustainability and make sure to always recycle responsibly and use 100% green energy. But the best part is they have an entire dog menu -  so if your pup fancies a dog friendly pint and a slice, they will be more than welcome.

4) Bonsai Plant Kitchen

Bonsai kitchen are a vegan asian tapas restaurant located on Baker Street. Operating from a nut free kitchen, they offer a range of small plates, bincho grill (cooked over japanese coal), bao buns and curries - all 100% plant based. 

They have excellent reviews and the pumping music and banging cocktails create a fun and vibrant atmosphere. Perfect for a light-hearted meal out with friends.


5) The No Catch co

Last but not least is a vegan take on a seaside classic - fish and chips. 

Created to give people the taste and experience of eating seafood, but without causing damage to the environment and fish populations, this innovative restaurant is a welcome addition to Brighton’s food scene. 

From cod and haddock, to battered sausage and saveloy, The no Catch offers something delicious for anyone to enjoy whilst strolling along the seafront or sunbathing on the beach.

Go and check them out, but get there early as due to popular demand, they tend to get extremely busy!


We hope these vegan fast food suggestions help satisfy your cravings and that whilst you’re there, you enjoy trying something new. 


Article by Summer Gedall