Best Study Spaces in Brighton & Sussex

As we bring ourselves in 2022, its that time of year where the deadlines start to pile up...

Brighton & Sussex students, here is the ultimate guide to studying in and around Brighton:

Sussex University Campus:

    • The Library- quite self explanatory, but the Library of Sussex campus is a great place to gets some work done and make the most of the resources that the university has to offer. They also have a cafe and some comfy seating so you can socialise as well as work.
    • The Student Union- The whole Falmer building is dedicated to student life and lots of the university's societies reside there. The common room  is a great space to do some work, meet up to do a group project or just interact with some of the cool activities on campus. 
    • Falmer bar- Whether you fancy one of their delicious chicken wraps or a pint, Falmer bar is a perfect spot to relax and a lot of societies meet up here. 
    • Northfield Bar- Located in the North of campus is Northfield Bar. This bar is very similar to Falmer Bar but they also have karaoke nights, quiz nights and other exciting events. 
  • Jubilee Building- Despite this being a building full of lecture halls and seminar rooms, there are some lovely booths for studying as well as a cafe. 
  • The Deli- Also being located in Falmer Building is The Deli. Think Subway but more accruable and less greasy; the perfect place to grab a quick lunch that is still slightly healthy and fresh. 
  • Room 76- This cafe is just round the corner from The Deli and is much more cosy. They sell tea, coffee and cake, as well as bubble tea. I think this is more of a socialising area than a working area but is great for collaborative work.

Brighton University Campus:

  • Book and Bean- A lovely cafe offering tea, coffee and sweet treats; perfect for studying and meeting up for friends. This is located in Moulsecoombe and is open until 6pm.
  • The Living Room- Similar to Book and Bean but located on Falmer Campus. 
  • Elm House building - Brighton University has a wide range of brand new buildings and this one is perfect for study space. It has a wide variety of study areas for you to pick from.
  • Aldrich Library - one of the most popular areas for Brighton students to study. This Library has several floors all with different areas ranging from quiet and silent.
  • If you're looking for a more niche area to study Grand Parade is another great spot for Brighton students to study. With lots of casual areas and space with lots of tables, you can really let your creativity run free. 

In Brighton:

    • Presuming Ed's- This lovely pub/cafe/study space is based on London Road and is one of my favourite places to work outside of the campus environment. They have great, cheap coffees and hot drink as well as alcoholic drinks and food. 
  • Pret A Manger- if you are looking for more nation wide study space, Pret do a coffee subscription for £20 a month, meaning you can get as many hot drinks while you study as you wish. There are two Prets on North Street, if you are living more centrally. 
  • Jubilee Library- If you are looking for a more classic place to study in Brighton but do not want to travel onto campus, Jubilee Library is a great place to get some work done in a new environment. 

Happy studying!