CU Next Tuesday best bits of 2021

You guys really did forget those Wednesday 9am's.

On Tuesday 20th July we bought the return of Brighton's biggest midweek institution; CU Next Tuesday at The Arch every Tuesday, so much mischief and madness we don't event know where to begin.

We are reminiscing over some of our biggest events and best memories at CU Next Tuesday week in and week out.

Here we present to your our fave memories and pictures from an incredible 2021.



 The night we all welcomed you home, an experience like no other. We bought you three rooms of music, free pizza, free donuts on stage games and a crowdsurfing spaceman and Donald Trump. To top it off our very own Brighton local Arrdee made a surprise visit. This was just the start of non stop madness.




One of our most historical events, this one always goes down a treat. This event remained the talk of the town for weeks after as we heard on bus stops, Brighton & Sussex library and throughout campus. If you didn't come to this one you missed out on hundreds of nuggets, burgers and fries. Did we chuck fries in the air just because we had that much to give out? Yes we did. Not only this we had a surprise visit from Ronald Mcdonald himself who provided you all with Mcdonald's themed birthday packages, on stage games and a little bit of a boogie.




A brand new event that you all absolutely loved. This event sold out online before we could even get our doors open. We bought you a whole room dedicated to Mamma Mia and Abba all night long with a main room hour special. A queue longer than the seafront to get in, pure disco vibes and a glittering night. We will be sure to bring a return of this one. 



Another food fave, we created our very own limited edition Coco Rox and bought you guys non stop cereal, including some of the best American cereals, cereal merch, a dancing cow and even a cereal eating competition. What more could you ask for on a Tuesday evening. 


As we bring 2021 to a close, CU Next Tuesday would like to thank every single one of you that supported us by joining us at one of our events, purchasing a ticket or even following our events on our social media. This year we stepped up with the mischief and madness and cant wait to bring you even more. We wish you all a heart warming safe New Year and we can't wait to see what 2022 brings.


CU Next Tuesday Team x