Event in Focus: Silent Boogie (The biggest and best Silent Disco Brighton has ever seen)

They say a picture can paint a thousand words and a video can sometimes paint a million. If you attended the Silent Boogie @ CU Next Tuesday or have seen the Silent Boogie Aftermovie (check it out below) then you know what we we mean! 

Don’t get us wrong, we in no way invited the silent disco, we probably weren’t the first to do a silent disco in Brighton either. In 2017 we hosted a silent disco at The Brighton Fringe Festival and enjoyed the unique vibe and party so much we wanted to throw another one. From this the i360 Pride Silent Disco was born. Our annual silent disco on one of Brighton’s most iconic landmarks 454ft above the ground. One of our favourite events to host in the calendar year. 
We enjoyed the i360 Pride Silent Disco event so much we simply couldn’t stop there and didn't want to wait a whole year until we could host the next one. We imagined a whole venue in complete unison, dancing and signing away the night in pure silent bliss. Fast forward to 2019 and we brought the first ever Silent Boogie to Brighton seafront and had 1000 of us singing and dancing away to our hearts content in The Arch Nightclub all night long on a Tuesday evening. 3 channels of music with the DJ’s all battling it out for our attention. The whole venue split with one half belting out commercial singalongs, another section of students skanking out to bassline and D&B and the remainder rapping their favourite bars from all the latest grime and hip hop tracks on rotation. The feeling when you take one headphone off and can hear a chorus of unpitched, off key vocals that somehow create a mesmerising concoction of sound… a euphoric feeling! 
It is difficult to put into words just how much fun you can have clubbing at the silent boogie. It’s definitely one of the most ambitious club nights we have ever hosted but also one of the most rewarding, as we can hand on heart say there is truly no other clubbing experience like it in Brighton. 
We plan to host our Silent Disco event once a term. Keep your eyes peeled on our website or social media because believe us it isn’t one to miss and tickets will go even faster then they did the first time around. We will leave you with a Dad joke.
We got in trouble at the venue for starting our silent disco..
The manager said it wasn’t aloud. 
We’ll grab our coat on the way out.