Socially Distanced Events - Are they even worth it!?


2020 has seen the events industry grind to a static halt in most instances. However, an industry of creatives was always going to see in a new style of events arise... labelled as socially distanced events. 

In a year where everyone has had to learn to adapt, nobody else has had to adapt quicker and by quite as much. How do you make an event where people have to arrive in their own bubbles of 6 whilst legally not being allowed to interact with other groups... fun? On top of this, restrictions like the 85dB, 10pm curfew, one way systems, table service only must make it next to impossible? This hasn't been the case, especially in Brighton where there has been a proliferation of safe, covid friendly things to do pop up in recent months. 

Whilst the odds have been heavily stacked against events organisers and venues there has been some success and triumphs lately. Promoters and venues have adapted and created enjoyable experiences within the regulations. Most have focused around food and drink which has seen Brunches in Brighton reach a new stratosphere of popularity. The rise in popularity in recent years of day drinking and brunches has been accelerated sharply due to covid measures and there has been a huge increase in brunch style events pop up.

There are countless fantastic brunch options in Brighton and we started our Hip Hop Hooray Bottomless Brunch at Chalk nightclub Brighton during social distancing and it has been one of our most popular received events ever! We are usually sold out weeks in advance and as the weeks go on, the event sells out even faster. Feedback has been fantastic from our customers and whilst it isn't the same as clubbing or partying pre-covid it is an enjoyable experience and one people are clearly happy to pay for. The need to be creative and adaptive has never been so important and it is a challenge we are enjoying trying to overcome. 

One seemingly forgotten sector of the clubbing and events world is Raving. It is very difficult with the restrictions to offer a rave style socially distanced event that is worth paying for which has seen the scene sadly pushed back underground with illegal raves cropping up every weekend. Brighton based underground electronic events company SuperCharged recently appeared on YouTuber Cub Cam's documentary 'What Does Socially Distanced Raving Actually Look Like?' (a great watch for anyone interested) and expressed that although it is hugely difficult it isn't impossible and if Covid is here to stay for the time being we are excited to see what else the events industry and conjure up to overcome the challenge of socially distanced events. 

Socially distanced events... are they worth it!? Yes and no. Whilst the experience is never going to be the same, the new experience can be an enjoyable one that is worth paying for. With the right set up and imagination the events world has adapted to be able to provide worthwhile events. However, financially we know from experience these events will not stack up over a long period of time. They are a great stop gap to keep everyone busy and entertained and the brand in people's minds, however, there is only so long before we will need to see socially distanced events re invent themselves once again to stay relevant and enjoyable.

Have you been to a socially distanced event? Let us know in the comments below what your experience was like. We read every single comment and every bit of feedback we receive and tailor our events based on your feedback. Please give feedback.