Free Toast and Crumpets at Runway Fridays

We all know the drill, you are just about to leave the club and that kebab shop is looking very, very tempting. But the student loan doesn't really stretch to these luxuries, especially when you're spending your money on drinks and club entry! The worst part of a night out is waiting for your food to be ready and having to eat it out in the cold at the bus stop. Introducing our solution: free toast and crumpets every Friday. 

This is why we have sorted free crumpets and toast at our Runway Fridays at Shooshh. Meaning that you can focus on enjoying your night out rather than your hunger pains. 

You can find our toasting station by the till along with a selection of spreads and toppings (we would love your suggestions and input). So next time you're with us on a Friday and a bit peckish, you can sort your own snacks. We know you all love our pizza and doughnuts at CU Next Tuesdays at The Arch, so now you can enjoy food at both of our biggest club nights. 

We can't wait to see you snacking at Runway Fridays! 

Message us on instagram with your requested toppings and treats that we can provide at Runway Friday's every single week.