Since the ending of lockdown this summer, there has been a huge change on the nightlife and events industry resulting in increasingly concerning cases of assault, spiking and harassment. Because of this, we are constantly altering and adjusting our services to ensure every customer and member of our community feels safe at our events. 

We launched our Ask for Roxy campaign in June this year in order to help our customers feel safe and to put measures in place to prevent these cases from occurring as much. Janelle Sultana, who set up this campaign, wanted to put something in place to support the people clubbing in Brighton and to highlight how a large platform can help its customers. The way it works is that there is a WhatsApp Hotline available on our club nights meaning that people who feel unsafe or threatened can get in contact with a member of the team to ensure they are safe. This campaign has been received incredibly well, with GB News featuring it as well as multiple Newspapers covering it.  

This has created a huge impact on our club nights by ensuring safe partying. By creating this campaign, we have demonstrated how our events are safer than others in Brighton and that we are dedicated to helping our customers. We are also dedicated to following this up with more initiatives to continue the movement. 

In light of recent spiking cases and the raising concerns, we have begun to offer clingfilm and cups with lids to cover drinks to anyone who comes to our clubs events. We are also introducing a more thorough searching procedure as well as metal detectors at all events. This is because everyone should have the opportunity to have a great night out without the fear of being spiked. 

After Ask for Roxy was successfully used at Boundary Festival as well as countless club nights, we have seen a great reception to our method of ensuring safety for all of our guests. This highlights how we can continue to put measures in place to ensure safety. 

This is a temporary action for an ongoing problem, we aim to maintain communication with our Rox Residents and continue to put in place safety measures to ensure everyone can party in a safe and fun way!

No matter what, Rox stands with you and we care about the well being of all our customers. We hope to make a change to the nightlife industry to ensure all those who join us feel safe and happy.

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