Brighton Student Bites: Mountain Deli Review

Rox has teamed up with @brightonstudentbible and will be reviewing the best local restaurants, takeaways, coffee shops and student friendly offerings in Brighton. With all our reviews being 100% honest, we try so you know exactly what to buy.

We popped in to Coombe Road’s newest addition Mountain Deli, a brand new Coffee and Deli shop supplying you with a range of coffee, smoothies, cakes and those quick grocery grabs at the highest organic quality. A perfect pit stop before continuing your trek up Brighton’s mountain Coombe Road itself.

What makes Mountain Deli so different to any other coffee shop? The biggest question we can imagine is on all your minds.

To start with, we have never experienced such a petite, tidy store with such a vast range of products. Before you even walk in to the store you are welcomed with the richest red strawberries we have ever seen, along with ginormous bananas and purple cauliflower’s (not your every day views in your weekly Aldi shop that's for sure!). Walking into the store, there was a treat to be found in every corner, from Sussex free range eggs, fresh pastries and cakes, cheeses and even dog treats, there really is something for everyone.

With the Mountain Deli family having 40 years of experience in customer service, they truly have perfected that warming welcome. As someone who can often feel over whelmed by too many coffees and options, they took the time to explain what they had to offer and recommend special personalised touches to their drinks which suited our preferences, nothing seemed like too much for them to make happen.

Starting off with what made our mouths water the most. We couldn’t leave this review without explaining the experience we had with Mountain Deli’s coffee taste. With our Brighton Student Bible reviewers being Brighton coffee connoisseur’s, our standards were of course high. However, no standard was dropped by Mountain Deli. Just to top off the incredible quality, all their cups were 100% compostable, adding to their ethical values.

We tried a range of coffees and every one was a warming experience, with a range of different milk alternatives and plenty of syrups to compliment their rich smooth coffee taste. We have tried and come up with our top favourites for you.

A fan of kinder bueno? This ones for you! In whatever hot or cold coffee you order, ask for a splash of hazelnut syrup and you will be sure to experience that ‘oh my god’ moment just like we did. A combination of rich, smooth flavours with such a sweet compliment of kinder bueno, an after taste you never want to leave your mouth.

The drink of the summer, iced coffee has become increasingly popular and we can completely understand why. We tried Mountain Deli’s Iced Oat Milk latte with a splash of hazelnut syrup. Sending goosebumps all over my body for all the right reasons. Fancy a kinder bueno milkshake with a side of caffeine? This ones for you.

We tend to always look at smoothies as the ‘healthier alternative’ but Mountain Deli has us convinced there has to be something naughty in their smoothies to taste so damn good. With all their smoothies labelled with calories per serving, this ones great for those trying to get their hot girl summer bodies.

We’ve all seen the Tik Tok trend of people whizzing up a Solero and mixing it up into a cocktail. Well, Mountain Deli really have brought this creation to life. We tried their ‘PASH N SHOOT’, known for its Solero taste and we were not disappointed. A refreshing punch of flavour with every sip at just 170 calories per drink. Heading down to the beach for drinks this summer? We recommend grabbing the PASH N SHOOT and adding a splash of your favourite alcohol in. A big fat favourite from us!

As bars and pubs open and very soon clubs making their biggest return, we know the hangovers are coming back more than ever. Mountain Deli have done their research and created a range of smoothies to revive and cure those hangovers (another one from their secret menu!). For those of you waking up heading to lectures on a Wednesday morning after a heavy session at CU Next Tuesday the night before, make sure to pop in and grab your hangover cure.

Brighton is the hub for veganism and Mountain Deli have not hesitated to join in support. With a variety of Vegan alternatives whether it is milk alternatives, vegan cheeses or free from products, your every need can be found inside. We also loved the range of organic fresh produce including some of Sussex’s very own chicken eggs! With supporting local being the top of our list, its a big yes from us.

With so much to offer in such a small spot, we were amazed at how much Mountain Deli has to offer whilst continuing to push great taste and service. With Students in mind they have also ensured that prices are on the kinder side. From a Brighton local and student perspective, it's a big fat yes from us.