NEW: Brighton Student Bites - Vegan Noms Review

ROX has teamed up with @BrightonStudentBible and will be reviewing the best local restaurants, takeaway and delivery student friendly food offerings in Brighton. 

The last year has seen more and more vegan food places pop up in the city than the previous 5 years combined. Amazing news for animals, the planet and us as hungry customers with a plethora of choice. With all the delicious choices to decipher from it can be hard to come to a decision… that’s where we come in to make the decision a little easier and give you all the need to know facts before you order. 


We have chosen to start with vegan food as has become so popular it isn’t exclusive to just vegans any more. Meat eaters across the globe have adapted their diets to include vegan meals and this trend will only continue.


One of the hottest new vegan food offerings to pop up in the last 12 months has been Vegan Noms, a restaurant which blossomed during the first lockdown and has completely changed the game. Introducing unique flavours, colour and foods, we spent our whole time questioning ‘Is this really Vegan?!’


The star dish:

Starting off with a bang we tried Vegan Noms famous O.G foot long not dog, a hot dog with all the toppings in a sweet and soft brioche bun. I have never bit into a sausage in disbelief, the flavour every hot dog has without the not so nice bits! 
For the burger lovers, we tried the BBQ bxcon Classico burger. Their El Classico burger but taken to new levels! This seriously dirty burger is for those meat lovers trying to do better for the planet who want the same taste without the bloodshed.
Can you believe they have even changed the game for fries?! Adding flavour and colour like no other we tried their ‘Naughty Nuts Loaded Fries’. A dish of fries complimented with a homemade satay sauce with some of the most beautiful garnishing we have ever seen! What a mouth watering experience, we have never experienced a restaurant take fries to this kind of level. A favourite from us.


Tempted by the the popular demand label we had to try their Kentucky Gravy Box, for those gravy lovers, this ones for you! The perfect ratio of gravy to chips brings the most warming feeling to your tummy. These were complimented by the crispiest breaded oyster mushrooms, quickly moving chicken selects to the bottom of the freezer! 


Last but by all means not least, we had to add a sweet treat after all this flavour. We tried their Biscoff milkshake which we couldn't believe was vegan and so tasty! Saving the planet never looked so good in a 100% biodegradable milkshake cup. 


If you’re looking for that cheat meal without all the cheating, Vegan Noms is your go to! What an experience.

The facts:

Main price range: £6.00-£9.95
Sides prices: £3.50-£7.50 
Sweet treats: £4.00-£4.95
Minimum order: £7
Delivery: £1.99 Deliveroo 
Deals: BOGOF seasonal offers, Special picks of the day discounts

Value for money?

Whilst prices on first glance aren’t the most student friendly, you really do get what you pay for with Vegan Noms. Every dish is perfectly balanced and you can tell genuine thought has gone into creating the taste and flavour experience.
However, Vegan Noms currently have a BOGOF offer running on Uber Eats and we have seen multiple offers on Deliveroo in the past too so it does pay to check both apps before ordering as more often then not you can find amazing value for top quality food and be warned the portion sizes are BIG.
We contacted Vegan Noms to highlight how great we think the student market will find their incredible food and they have given us an exclusive code for all orders over £15 which any student can include in their order notes on Deliveroo or Uber Eats ‘VEGANROXLOVE’ for a completely free sweet treat dessert or milkshake of your choice on the house. Vegan snacking has never tasted sweeter.
vegannomsloverox discount code for students to use from brighton rox at vegan noms