Valentines Day 2021: At Home in Brighton (7 V-Day Tips)

February 14th has never looked so different.

However that shouldn't stop you treating or showering a loved one with gifts or declarations of love. As the old saying goes 'In the end, love will always prevail' and hopefully our tips will help the students and young people of Brighton preserve age old love. 

1) Personalised gift from Etsy

For the creative ones. Etsy has some fantastic gift ideas some of which you can never even have thought of yourself. We love the fact that we can purchase from individuals and help support small businesses. Most things gifts can be personalised on Etsy and former ROX member of staff Tiannah ROX has been creating some magical gifts for those of us looking for inspiration or that personal touch which can make all the difference. Check out her store For Gift Sake above.

2) Restaurants offering finish at home menus 

For the ones looking to splash the cash. A few Brighton based restaurants are offering 'finish at home' valentines day menu boxes. Whilst you can't visit your favourite restaurant as a couple you can still feast on your favourite food in the comfort of your own home. Whilst not being cheap, we love the pragmatic approach and supporting our local businesses in this time. Check out what one of our favourite higher end restaurants The Set is offering this Valentines.  

3) Brighton in a Box

For the ones who simply love Brighton. Maybe you met in Brighton and both of you spend your evenings gazing at the stars from the South Downs lamenting about just how much you love Brighton then this is for you. This valentines you can still show that special someone you're thinking of them by sending them a box that will surely Brighton up their day! We love the beautiful flowers with this particular box from our friends at Brighton in a Box but they have a superb collection of boxes to choose from. 

4) Cakes & All things Baked (Home Delivery)

For the ones with a sweet tooth. Offering postal delivery we absolutely adore the cakes and baked treats on offer. Tired of milk tray chocolates or one of the other obvious boring recycled sweet treats you find in every supermarket? These unique sweet treats will leave you hungry for as we can assure you they taste even better than they look. Best of all? You will be helping to a support creative, local business. Win win. Check out the full range of goodies Cakes & All Things Baked offer over on their instagram page. 

5) Romantic Flowers

For the traditional romantic ones. Yes they are cliche, yes they have been done a million times over but does that mean we love them any less? Of course not. Everybody loves to be treated and what better way to show someone you love them then a beautiful arrangement of flowers. One of favourite flower shops in Brighton is Gunns Florist and you can pre order with them to save the last minute panic. 

6) She Said Boutique

For the kinky erotic ones. We are aware it wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea this Valentines but it's 2021 and talking openly about sex is in. She Said Boutique is a local Brighton business offering a wide range of erotic pleasures to fulfil any desire. Choose from boxes starting at £28.99 to tantalise and tease your loved ones this St Valentine’s Day check out their instagram for inspiration here.

7) Romantic Night In

For the ones on a budget. Why not take it way back to the old school. Buy a loved one a thoughtful card from the amazing Creased Cards in the Laines, grab your favourite ingredients from the supermarket, cook a romantic home made dinner and snuggle up watching your favourite romcom or romantic film. Not bank busting but still just as thoughtful and loving as all of our other suggestions. 


Show a loved one you care this Valentines (or Galentines) with a unique Brighton touch. You may not be able to do everything you have planned this year but you can still make it a special valentines to remember. Ps next year the clubs will be back open and we will have the perfect suggestion up our sleeve.