The Rox family - Why We Love Working for Rox

We are always looking for enthusiastic, creative and confident people to join our team! Whether you love going out and want to learn more about the behind the scenes action, love creating content on social media, or enjoy seeing the business side of a company, there is most likely a role for you. 

Being Brighton's biggest event company, working for Rox is exciting and ever changing. Home to Boundary Festival, CU Next Tuesday at The Arch and Runway Fridays at Shooshh, along with many others, there is never a dull moment at Rox. Our team is predominantly made up of students, with over fifty members of staff. The work is part-time and flexible so that you can focus on your studies and work when it suits you. 

Some of our roles available are:

Nights - be part of the time that bring our nights to life! From interacting with our customers to getting involved with all our content.

Office - get behind the scenes of Rox does by bringing events to life, new ideas and launching events along with having an input into our social media profiles.

Social media- if you are creative or enjoy working on socials, there are plenty of opportunities to create content for our large social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

Rep- become a rep for Rox and simply earn uncapped commission just by bringing your friends to our events!

We spoke to some of our members of staff to find out what they love about working for Rox!


"Working for Rox really is like joining a big family of creative minds who value you for you. It's also super flexible which is great when you're a student!"


"I like working for Rox because of the opportunities it offers me. I have experience in multiple job roles, from entertainment to admin. They trust you with the roles they give you, and it only allows you to further yourself."


"I love working for Rox as I love being able to work in different roles, and promoting events I know everyone will enjoy."


"My favourite role at Rox has to be content, I can't believe part of my role is getting on stage in full costume and partying along with everyone in the club!"



"Working for Rox has helped push me out of my comfort zone and really grow my confidence. I have made some of the most amazing friends and I absolutely love creating content for the socials". 


"I love working for Rox because it is such a social job! I've made o many friends from it and always enjoy my shifts"


"I have been working for Rox for almost a year now, and from the start I has been incredible. I write the articles/blogs for the website and get to create work that I am proud of, as well as developing my writing skills with a team supporting me through both the ideas process and the technical side of things. Getting started working in a role can be incredibly difficult as a student and Rox is the perfect opportunity to develop your skills in a supportive environment that is both rewarding and profitable!"

Our team is constantly growing and evolving, meaning that we are able to keep on giving you great nights out! 

If you are interested in joining the team or want to ask any questions, please contact us on WhatsApp at 07533222324 or email us through our website.