They say that everyone experiences heartbreak at least once in their lives however that does not make it any easier to deal with.

We understand how difficult breakups and heartbreak can be let alone at Uni away from your families. We have created 5 breakup tips to help you on your road back to being the bad b*tch or bloke we know you are!


Tip One: Block, Delete, Mute

The first step to making a return after any breakup is to cleanse your social media, camera roll and mind from all traces of that toxic ex! Blocking, deleting and muting an ex to save the heartache of having their selfies pop up on your feed, helps your mind adjust to that person no longer being a part of your life quicker. Cold turkey is the most painful, yet most successful way to get over that ex!


2- Fill Your Time, Find A Hobby

Step two is to fill your newfound spare time that was potentially previously used to date and argue with your ex with a new hobby. Join a gym or a workout class with a friend to replace those breakup tears with serotonin. Maybe join a society at your university or ask a work or course mate to go for a drink to lift your spirits and save you from hiding under the duvet, eating ice cream and crying whilst watching ‘The Notebook’. The more time you spend outside of the house, even if it is the last thing you want to do, the less time you have to dwell on things and people from your past.


3- Cliché, But Practice Self Care

Leading on from our second tip, the third is to practice self care. In whatever form this takes for you. Whether that be facemasks and a movie night or night out with the girls, or a beer and banter with the lads. Your only priority is yourself, you no longer have another person to consider in all that you do so enjoy this time and be selfish!  


4- Mates Over Any Date!

Breakups are often a time of reflection; this reflection may sometimes be self-deprecating and who better to remind you of the bad bitch you really are than your mates? Use your newfound free time to see friends who, perhaps you haven’t seen in a while. Catch up with old classmates, go for a beer with one of your best mates or have brunch with the girls. The more time you spend with people who love you and remind you why YOU should love YOU too, the less time you have to think about that toxic ex and the more your confidence will increase.


5- But, When You Are Ready, Dating Can be Fun Too!

Remember that sadness and heartbreak is temporary, this too shall pass! And eventually you will feel excited by the prospect of being asked for your number, or going on a date with someone fresh, exciting and new. When you find yourself spending less time with your thoughts consumed by your ex, and your evenings are not as often spent crying into a pillow, dating can be an exciting way to meet new people, improve upon your confidence and discover traits you seek in future partners, as well as those you do not wish for your future partner to possess. Dating is a learning curve that should be exciting and fun, so when the time is right, enjoy exploring life as a single gal, guy or person and rediscovering what makes you the bad b*tch or bloke we know you always are!


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