With Easter Sunday fast approaching, the battle of the eggs has commenced so we decided to bring back the return of rating this years Easter eggs. Are Easter Eggs best kept simple with the OG Dairy Milk that we know and love. Or if outstanding and innovative eggs are the way forward?



Cadbury’s Mini Eggs








With a medium sized milk chocolate shell egg AND a mini bag of the famous mini egg easter chocolate snack, costing you from just 99p from your local supermarket!  Cadbury’s mini egg easter egg is a popular, yet original, egg of choice.


Maltesers Teaser Egg

Coming in at number 2 on our list of original easter eggs is the classic, Maltesers milk chocolate Teaser egg. Again, providing a large milk chocolate shell egg and a small bag of the classic chocolate snack, Maltesers is a go-to Easter egg for many! From as little as £1.25 from your local Sainsburys, is the classic Teasers egg going to be your egg pick this Easter?


Galaxy Minstrels Egg

Last but certainly not least we have the OG Galaxy Minstrels Egg! I think it’s fair to say most people have found a Galaxy Easter egg on at least one of their annual easter egg hunts! Once again providing a large milk chocolate egg shell and 2 small packets of the classic Galaxy minstrels we all know and love, the Galaxy Minstrels egg is a plain, but classic egg of choice.




Moving on to the new and (potentially) improved, innovative eggs:


Chocolate ‘Inky The Octopus’

If you are tired of hunting for Cadbury’s classics or Galaxy OGs and are looking to switch your egg game up this Easter then head to M&S, where you’ll find the innovative Inky, chocolate octopus for £5. Is creativity required in the Easter egg game or are classic Cadbury’s your go to?


The Drippy Egg

M&S are on a roll this year as they level up with their packing bringing in 'The Drippy Egg'. Exactly what it says it is in the name, M&S bring you a chocolate shell egg finished with a beautiful colourful drip. Packaged in a tin can, just like you picked it up from the paint shop, exactly what we like to call an outstanding egg! 


The Chocolate Scotch Egg

Waitrose has pulled out all the stops this year with one of the most elite egg twists we have seen yet, introducing the Chocolate Scotch Egg created by Heston. At a price of £6 it may not be your standard 99p steal but a complete head to turner to bring to the family meal this Sunday. 


Chocolate Chickens

Coming in at number 2 we have Pump Streets’ creative Chocolate Chickens. With three flavours available, including a Vegan option for inclusivity this chocolate chicken is a real contender, coming for those classics despite it’s higher price of £6.95. We are wondering, is the chocolate chicken taking your fancy this year, or are you too teased by Maltesers classics?


Cheesealicious Easter Egg

Finally, to round off our battle of the innovative vs original, we have the unusual Cheesealicious Easter egg available on Amazon for £12.99 for those who prefer savoury to sweet. Made entirely of mature cheddar cheese, this easter egg is certainly not a classic but, could add a innovative and exciting edge to your Easter Sunday Cheese board when shared on crackers with the family!


So if cheese or chicken shaped eggs are not your thing and you are hoping to hunt the classic egg go-tos again this year, let us know!