ROX's very own Eve Moseby leads the way for Sussex Netball raising over £4300 for charity and counting!

We know it was international women's day last week but we are carrying on the female appreciation through on all 365 days of the year… with good reason. 
This felt like the easiest decision ever to focus on spotlight on our very own Eve Moseby. With all the recent news being so negative we thought her and the Sussex Netball Girls recent achievement was extraordinary considering the circumstances and thought why not try and spread some positive news and give some amazing people the spotlight they deserve. 

So what exactly did Eve and Sussex Netball do? 

Well they completed a mammoth 24 hour fitness challenge to raise money for RISE a local domestic abuse charity. Eve is the co-president of Sussex Netball and we are proud to say a member of the ROX team too. Eve and her fellow netball president Georgia Lambert organised the fundraiser themselves.

What did the team do in the 24 hour period?

They completed a 30 minsHIIT workout, 700 stairs, 100 burpees, 230 mountain climbers, 49 walkouts, 81 press up, 18 mins of skipping, 16 mins planking, 10 mins of squats, 104 plank tap, 130 crunches and 13 miles in the 24 hours with little to no sleep… Activities were completed on the hour every hour!

Why did they do this? 

They wanted the challenge to be challenging and gruelling and chose to complete it over 24 hours to reflect a small part of what some domestic abuse victims experience. 

How much have they raised? 

Incredibly, they have managed to raise over £4300 for RISE and the link is still open for donations! 
Given the challenges even being allowed to operate the fundraiser due to covid, the sheer determination and grit to complete the challenge for such a worthy cause has really captured our imagination and hearts. We wish all the girls the best and will be looking to actively take part in any fundraising efforts.