Easter 2021: 8 Top Tier Easter Eggs

Easter has never looked so tasty.

In a rather predictable turn of events and with the whole country still on lockdown, the quality of easter eggs being churned out has gone up another level and our wish list has grown to about 25 full size easter eggs as a result. Gone are the days where the 99p Cadbury eggs with 2 mini snack bars were a sufficient gift or self indulgent treat. In is the rise of the double figure easter egg with flavours and variations you never knew you wanted or even existed until now. 

Here is our God Tier of easter eggs for 2021.

1) The Classic One

Creme egg easter egg

If you haven't received the classic creme egg easter egg yet for easter then you haven't experienced easter properly. After a whole year of ignoring and never purchasing or eating a creme egg ever, as soon as easter comes around everybody seems to presume the age old gimmick of creme eggs being shaped like eggs are the only possible easter egg treat that human imagination can stretch to. Are we complaining? Sort of. Do we end up eating 164356236 grams of sugar still every easter? Of course. 

£1 | Tesco

2) The White One


If you are like us and unable to resist any existing chocolate bar or brand releasing a new white chocolate version then look no further. The definition of white chocolate God tier. We cannot believe Uncle J Sainsbury is letting us relieve him of a slice of heaven for just 3 quid. 

Word of warning. Do not follow @Oreo on instagram if you are on any kind of diet at all or like us think every single new product is a 'Must Try'. Seriously don't do it.

£3 | Sainsbury's

3) The Luxury One

Morrisons easter egg

If you scoff at the thought of digesting any other chocolate that's not Belgian then this is for you. Milk, white and dark chocolate and hand shimmered. What's not to love? Whilst not cheap it is very good value luxury option and tastier than some of it's premium over priced rivals. 

£8 | Morrison's

4) The Wacky & Wonderful One

waitrose easter egg pommegranate

Looks like a pomegranate. Tastes like a pomegranate? Yeah, sort of. This year Waitrose have masterfully replicated a pomegranate's appearance using fairtrade white chocolate with a sweet and fruity twist that you associate with the seeds. Every so often after the winning the lottery we like to shop at Waitrose but for those not so fortunate you can literally steal this amazing easter egg of the Waitrose shelves for just £2.40. Apparently it is the cheapest item in the whole store. Result. 

£2.40 | Waitrose

5) The 3 in 1 One

lidl easter egg

One egg is never enough. We know it, you know it and Lidl know it. Each layer is a desert in itself and extra thick with no shortage on the extra flavours. Buy this egg and you will never have to experience the feeling of sheer anguish when breaking through into an egg you think has a treat inside but is in fact as hollow as a Piers Morgan apology. Call yourself Robin Hood if you snag one of these eggs for a friend at just a tenner. Nuts.

£10 | Lidl

6) The Mystic Megg One

mystic megg easter egg

Not content with just bringing you high fat, sugary, calorific food to your doorstep and whacking an extra 30% on top of already unreasonable prices, Deliveroo have decided to partner up with well known Mystic Megg to deliver an easter egg to your door that can tell you the future. We never knew we needed this easter egg and to be honest we still aren't sure if we do. However, with all possible chocolate variations covered and a vegan option thrown in who wouldn't want to munch on some choccy and learn what the future holds at the same time? Best of all, they are only available on Deliveroo in BRIGHTON, London & Leeds so you can be the envy of instagram and update your followers to what the future truly holds for us all. Absolute bargain at just £2.21 (expect to need a new credit card once deliveroo add on their fees)

£2.21 | Deliveroo

7) The Fancy One


One of the greatest architectural achievements of the 21st century drawing inspiration from the Tate Modern. For decades the calls to combine art, architecture, easter and chocolate have finally been answered. This is a real head turner. Visually unrivalled but it is the variation of flavours including salted caramel, chocolate brownie and ginger that really impress. Yes it is expensive. Yes it is an easter egg but if they deserve it, it's worth it. 

£15 | Hotel Chocolat

8) The Vegan One


Okay. Hands up. It's not an easter egg but it's f*cking Lindt. NO easter egg list is complete without a mention of Lindt. After mastering chocolate in ball shaped form over the christmas period, Lindt like to switch it up and focus on bunny rabbit shaped treats for easter. Their Dark Chocolate version is not only heavenly it's also vegan. The rest are ridiculously mourish too, so do yourself a favour and buy a 3 pack to save the journey back to the supermarket. 

Pack of 3 £12 | Amazon

So there you have it. Officially the 8 finest easter eggs money can buy in 2021. Think we have it wrong? Or have missed an obvious inclusion? New egg on the market you are clucking to be included? Let us know by dropping us a comment or DM us.