The home of Runway Friday's, Shooshh Brighton has levelled up and had a makeover just in time for a new year full of events.

Introducing a brand new refurbished stage and DJ booth, the most instagrammable scenes and a brand new refreshed dance floor and venue.

If you haven't seen it yet, here is our official sneak peak to show you all.




Giving us complete euphoria vibes we introduce our brand new DJ booth and stage, starting with a ceiling covered in disco balls, which your eyes then follow to a colourful back wall and Shooshh LED sign. We really have taken going behind the DJ booth to a whole new level. 




Whats a night out without any photos?  At Runway Friday's we have made sure you have every reason to get your phone out and grab those shots. Whether you grab our photographer or grab your mates to get the instagram picture, our brand new photo booth is the perfect spot for your next insta upload. With door which welcomes you in the booth and the perfect lighting, we really have got you covered in all angles. 




We are always thinking outside the box to bring you the best Friday night experience. Imagine waking up the next morning to find pictures of you and your mates in a bath full of purple balls?! No need to imagine, explore our platinum lounge to find our bath and no need to ask, just jump in. An of course we could help but have an LED sign above it to bring the perfect aesthetic. 




 We hopped on the trend and decided it was time we upgraded our homes walls, introducing a wide range of back drops and LED signs perfect for you to get your best pics of the night. Whether you have the Friday Feeling or want to remind people how pretty you are, these are the perfect spots for you!

 Whether you are looking for That Friday Feeling or just a pure good vibes, Runway Friday's is catered to bringing you a night that goes above and beyond all expectations.

Fancy joining us this Friday? DM us to claim your FREE VIP Platinum package by messaging us on instagram.