The Official Brighton and Sussex University Ick List

With valentines day today, I’m sure you will have dipped your toes in the dating scene. Whether you’re wifed up or perfectly happy being able to starfish in your own bed, we have all experienced the ick. Where you start to feel something for someone and then they do something that repulses you for no logical reason ; and that warm fuzzy feeling goes quicker than a slice of pizza at CU Next Tuesday.


Does the ick go away? Nope. It’s time to move on and join us at our CU Next Tuesday 50 shades of Greggs valentines special. Because there really is no better love than a sausage roll.


So here it is, we asked you guys your biggest icks and you told us it all. Here is the official Brighton and Sussex University ick list. 


  • He tried to pick up a rolling tennis ball from the ground
  • When he farted he said “I tooted”
  • When they sit on a bar chair and their legs are just dangling
  • They tried to use an expired gift voucher
  • Smacked his knees and said righty oh
  • When they are in the backseat of the car and they look through the small window
  • When no one lets them in when they try to merge lanes
  • Using these emojis 🙊🙈🙉
  • Hehe

  • When they get into a fight and shouts “someone hold me back” but no one does
  • Holding fish on instagram
  • Having their arms up on a rollercoaster
  • Left me a voicemail
  • ‘No show’ socks
  • Sucking their finger after they burn it
  • Dribbling after that first sip of a pint
  • Dunking a biscuit in the tea but it falls in
  • Trying to deflate their trunks in water
  • When girls are into horses

  • Running for the train
  • When they run towards pigeons but the pigeons don’t move
  • Feet
  • Playing music on a speaker out loud in public
  • Getting dressed but they put their top on first and have nothing on waist down.
  • Running up the stairs but they use their hands to go faster
  • When they’re singing a song and get the words wrong
  • When they run and miss the train
  • Eating rustlers burgers
  • Waiting for the lifeguard to give them the nod to go down the slide
  • Both hands on the steering wheel
  • 3 in 1 shower gels
  • Teddy fleece anything