The Best of Sports and Societies at Sussex and Brighton University

As we approach freshers' week, we thought it would be a good idea to collate some the best societies, sports and student media options at both Brighton University and the University of Sussex.

The University of Sussex is having their Freshers' fair on the 20th September. 


Album Listening Society- If you fancy staying up to date on the newest music and spend time with likeminded music fans, this is the perfect chilled society.

Witches of Sussex- whether you're newly interested in crystals or well versed in astrology, this is a great society to get involved with. Being new to Sussex for 202, this is the perfect place to explore witchcraft!

Pirate Society- with an emphasis on pirate themed socials, pirate society is a great place to meet new people and explore pirate culture!

BAME Society- this society's role is to protect Black Asian Minority Ethnicities in Sussex and Brighton, this is a safe space to discuss culture, rights and provide a social space. 

Dog Walking Society- if you are looking to get out and about, as well as meeting new people (and pups), dog walking society is a perfect way to achieve this. 

Leave No Trace- Looking towards limiting waste and becoming more eco conscious, this society is great if you're looking to go green. 

Not Your Mother's Book Club- if reading is your thing and you're looking for new recommendations, NYMBC will happily welcome you to their society. 


Lacrosse- if you've seen lacrosse on Wild Child and fancy trying it or have been playing for years, this sports society offers great socials, training and support. 

Pole Society- Pole Society is a great sports society for interesting fitness and meeting new people. 

Waves- the joint Brighton and Sussex University dance and cheerleading team is the perfect way to integrate yourself into university culture in Brighton. With a variety of different ability squads, there is a place for everyone. 

Yoga Society- if university is getting a bit too stressful, Yoga Society is a great place to chill out and relax alongside friends. 

Student Media:

The Badger Newspaper- With a range of different sections including news, sports, arts, features, comment and travel and culture, The Badger has loads of opportunities to write, edit and learn more about journalism. This is the perfect opportunity for seasoned writers or complete newbies!

URF- University Radio Falmer is open to every student interested in a local radio station. this can be anything from talking about your favourite radio show or discussing a local news story. 

Brighton University has their Freshers' Fair on the 29th September


Bollywood Dance- this is the perfect society for keeping fit and trying something new!

Debate Society- debate Society is a great way to voice your opinions in a safe space and become more educated on topics that you may not be knowledgable in yet. 

Women in Business Society- if you're studying business or simply fancy being apart of a women's empowerment society, this is a great place to start. 

Sports Clubs

American Football



Jiu Jitsu

Student Media

The Verse Newspaper

Buzz Radio

Gooseneck Pictures