Ask For Roxy Comes to Boundary

After the launch of #askforroxy in June this year, there has been a great reception on our attempt to help our Rox Residents feel safer going out! With our highly anticipated Boundary Festival coming up on the 25th September, this is the perfect opportunity to encourage safe partying. 

This collaboration between Boundary Festival and Ask For Roxy will mean that there will be posters all over Stanmer Park, where the festival is being held. There will be staff all over Stanmer Park dedicated to ensuring the safety of festival goers and offering help and support. These staff will be wearing t-shirts with the Ask for Roxy logo. 

The Ask For Roxy campaign was set up by Janelle Sultana in June after she saw how the Rox platform can be used for good in a similar light to the Ask for Angela campaign ad Reclaim the Streets. Over the past few months, this campaign has been beneficial to numbers of people and has ensured that our events are offering a safe haven to anyone who needs them. You can read here about the full #askforroxy campaign. 


This safety net is needed at an event such as Boundary, where the music starts early and drinks are flowing all day. Especially because this event will take part in Freshers' Week, welcoming many new students to Brighton where the campus is unfamiliar and they may not know many people. This makes it essential that there is a method in which we can ensure their safety and be confident in the fact that people can enjoy the festival and then get home safely! 

We hope that you're excited for Boundary festival, the lineup is looking great, and the weather should be lovely.