Rox Official Cubbing Starter Packs

Who doesn’t love a starter pack? We present to you the Official ROX clucbbing starter packs, showing you what the two biggest student nights are all about.



CU Next Tuesday, where do we start. You found it in Freshers and haven’t stopped going since. From the free Pizza, Donuts and Inflatables every week, to the staff crowdsurfing mid sesh, every week is as crazy as the next. There’s always a competition between Brighton and Sussex and of course you’ll get on stage and get donuts lobbed at you just to prove that you’re the better uni. You can’t forget the free sunnies that you’re given, and luckily you wore them when the photographer was doing his rounds as now no one will ever know how sloshed you got after many many £3.50 doubles. You normally wear a bucket hat and your fresh AF1’s that don’t look so fresh when you stumble to the N25 night bus. The next morning, nothing is quite like a shock when you wake up to a Shrek cardboard cutout at the end of your bed. Your whole uni experience has consisted of missing your 9am seminar on a Wednesday morning, but it’s worth it though as your Wednesday mornings are now officially cancelled due to the mischief and madness of CU Next Tuesday.




Lets face it, you and your flat all said that you weren’t going out tonight but you all have that Friday feeling. Your ASOS parcel has arrived just in time for tonights antics. One of your mates has already booked the rest of you a FREE platinum package, that’s just what you need on the student budget. The staff come out with sparklers, confetti and a glass of bubbly and a shot each, they really know how to make your night like no other. You find yourself getting pulled on stage because you’ve won the giveaway of the night, which means you and your mates finally get to go up the purple stairs into Brighton’s only VIP superclub. Not only have you managed to blag FREE VIP but you’ve also won a free wowcher mystery holiday. In an attempt to remember the night you and the group squeeze in the PhotoBooth looking heavily intoxicated, this photo is definitely the kind that you wouldn’t send to granny. It’s finally 1:30 and IGLU is open, those £3 doubles have definitely caught up to you and you know that you’re going to have to take a trip to maccies in the morning in an attempt to reverse the damage.