The Roxy Campaign #AskForRoxy

We decided that it was time to utilise the platform we have developed to promote and deliver the safest environments for our events. Taking inspiration from #AskForAngela, we bring you the #AskForRoxy Campaign.



Whilst the hospitality and events industry has been on pause, Rox have taken the time to listen to the community and alter our services to ensure we are providing not only the best experiences possible but the safest environments.

With movements such as Reclaim The Streets and raising concerns by our community for their own safety, especially within nightlife and clubbing environments, we have taken it into our own hands to ensure that every single Rox Resident and anyone who attends our events feels safer than ever.

Taking inspiration from #AskForAngela, we bring you the #AskForRoxy campaign.

What makes #AskForRoxy different? 

Working within Brighton clubs and busy environments, we know it can be hard to get a drink at a bar, let alone to even catch someone's attention. We have had meetings with our closest venues Shooshh Brighton and The Arch to discuss what we can do to improve safety at our nights Runway Fridays and CU Next Tuesday. The Roxy Campaign introduces a Whatsapp hotline available at all our events for those who may feel unsafe or threatened.

This Whatsapp hotline will be able to be easily accessed by anyone with a quick scan of the barcode which will be placed on posters throughout both venues & toilets and quickly accessible on all our social media platforms. 

There will be two staff members at every event on call throughout the night whose role will be to immediately respond to any messages or calls which come through on the Roxy hotline. You can either choose to remain messaging the hotline until you feel safe or you can request our Roxy hotline team  meet you and accompany you into safety. 

Why are we doing this?

Over the years it has always been a concern of ours that the clubbing environment can cause a feeling of vulnerability. After having meetings and deep discussion with Brighton Dance Girls Society, we are so proud to announce that Brighton Dance Girls Society are supporting The Roxy Campaign and have shown passion throughout to ensure that safety is their priority when hosting socials at our events. 

Brighton Dance Society Social Social secs Evie and Livvy add ‘As a society we feel it is vital that everyone feels comfortable at all times. As a group of young women, we all share experiences of times when we have been made to feel vulnerable and we are proud to support a campaign which aims to offer a safe environment for our team.’ 

We decided that it was time to utilise our platform we have developed to not only promote and deliver the events our community desire, but in the safest environment we can possibly provide. 

We have received an incredible amount of support from Shooshh Brighton and The Arch to push this campaign. Having had deep discussions with both venues about our raising concerns to ensure we keep a safe environment for our community. From this we are delighted to announce that we have received full commitment from all venues we work at to hold all staff, including managers, bar staff and doormen accountable for their actions. Whilst also ensuring they will be facilitating and providing services to ensure that our Roxy hotline will be applicable to every Rox event and experience hosted within their venue. 

Think of this as less of an announcement and more of a commitment, we will now only be working with clubs and venues which subscribe to these values and accept and facilitate the Roxy Campaign values. 

Whenever you attend Rox events, you can now feel reassured you are not alone and we will continue to push this campaign to express the importance of not only having a good time but also feeling safe within the nightlife environment. #AskForRoxy


Why now and why Rox, a message from Janelle (General Manager at Rox) 

On a personal note, I am incredibly proud to be the foundation behind Rox’s brand new Ask For Roxy Campaign.

As a young female working in a male dominated industry, it wasn't hard to soon discover that safety and vulnerability was a concern when attending events in Brighton. Girls who were a similar age to me started to open up about feeling unsafe within Brighton clubs. I decided it was time to use my position to make a difference and convince clubs to review their policies and facilitate and support our communities' safety. 

Before accepting my role of General Manager, it was one of my conditions to be able to push and build this campaign and to work with the venues we currently hold events at to ensure they were doing everything in their power to go further than ever before to make their venues safe. 

I am honestly over the moon to be releasing this campaign with so much support and to be making a difference. I can confidently welcome our Rox Residents to all our nights in the safest form, knowing there is support from every angle. I hope to enlighten the rest of the nightlife industry about the importance that this campaign holds and the power we have to make a difference.



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