Graduation Grub- The Guide to Celebration Dining

As exams come to an end and dissertations are being handed in, it is no surprise that parents get a bit more generous with food outings as celebrations start this summer. As most graduations have been cancelled or postponed, it can be difficult to plan celebrations with your family and friends.

Here we have a few suggestions on where to take your parents when you are feeling a bit fancier as a part of your graduation celebrations!

First we have Wild Flor in Hove. 

With an exciting menu, an amazingly stocked cellar and locally sourced ingredients, this restaurant is a fabulous choice for your graduation celebration. Being mentioned in the 2021 Michelin guide and as Time Out's best restaurant in Brighton, this is a great option to push the boat out after all of your hard work studying! A special mention goes to Wild Flor for their ability to customize their menu for dietary requirements and preferences. This restaurant is great for wine lovers, foodies and classic, relaxed dining.

 Next up we have The Ivy in the Lanes

A classic venue for celebrations, this classy restaurant is perfect for taking lovely photos, cocktails and classic, delicious food. With their "Summer of Love" theme, The Ivy is a great choice if you want to celebrate your academic accomplishments with love ones in style! Their large cocktail menu and option for outdoor seating makes this  great restaurant for sunny days. 

Another great contender is Coppa Club

With their outside igloo area, Coppa Club is a great option if you fancy something a little bit different. They have a great selection of cocktails and some classic menu choices. With a special mention to their no and low alcohol selections, this is great choice for all of the family. 

The Salt Room is also a great choice

As one of Brighton's best seafood restaurants, The Salt Room is one of the best places to have celebratory dinner and drinks. They have some options on the menu that are sharing platters, meaning it is the perfect place to get the family together and have a celebration dinner. With the seaside theme, this is a lovely venue to celebrate your graduation by the coast!

Lastly we have Riddle and Finns

This seafront Champagne and Oyster bar is the perfect place for a celebration. With a wide range of seafood, meat and wine, this is a great restaurant to celebrate your academic success! With a special mention to their freshly caught fish and platters, this is a perfect restaurant for locally sourced seafood. With their speciality in champagne, you can ensure that your graduation will be special. 

We hope that this guide helps you to plan out your graduation celebrations and that you have a lovely time celebrating with your family and friends.