5 Things to do in Brighton Lockdown 3.0

As lockdown drags on longer than anyone anticipated, one undeniable blessing is how lucky we are to be in Brighton. There is so much to see and do within 7 miles, even in lockdown, we thought we would share some of our favourite lockdown pastimes to inspire you... 

1) Photo shoots 

 We can all be guilty of wanting to release our inner influencer once in a while and now is your best chance ever of capturing as much 'instagrammable' content as possible... without the crowds watching! Grab your best photographer friend, tripod or basic iphone and head down to your fave spots. Photo shoots in the laines, Brighton marina, the upside down house, graffiti spots or the classic Palace Pier there are seriously hundreds of opportunities. Get snappin' 📸

2) Devil's Dyke 

 One of the South Down's most legendary beauty spots Devil's Dyke is surprisingly close and offers the opportunities for numerous trail walks, breathtaking sunrise and sunsets, wonderful scenic sussex countryside, stargazing, interaction with cows and other wildlife amongst other things. We have even seen couples and families hold movie nights in their vehicles with a stunning sunset in the backdrop. (Gentleman who drive, valentines is just around the corner *cough cough*)

3) Grab a coffee on a walk

 Being suckers for seafront strolls we simply couldn't resist championing one of our favourite coffee/ice cream establishments on the seafront. Gelato gusto has partnered up with red roaster coffee to supply you with all your coffee, cakes and gelato ice cream needs. Too cold for Gelato? They have introduced a delicious hot chocolate affogato!  

4) Exercise on Hove Lawns

 Grab your housemate or a member of your bubble or fly solo and head down to Hove Lawns for some fresh air and exercise. With well over 1km of green space available and hundreds of like minded people this is hands down our favourite spot to exercise and take a moment for ourselves which can be important if you are living in shared accommodation. 

5) Grab yourself a weekend treat

 Riddle and Finn are open for takeaway services supplying you with some of Brighton’s freshest fish dishes served up on Brighton seafront and can be enjoyed sitting on Brighton beach. Bliss.

 Whatever your favourite lockdown pastimes are we can't recommend just getting outside enough. The benefits of daily walks for your physical and mental health shouldn't be ignored and it is one pastime we see ourselves keeping up beyond lockdown.