Top 5 places to drink in Brighton until May 17th

Drinking in baltic conditions outdoors has never been so appealing. 

April 12th. A day that will go down in folklore history. As pubs re-opened with just outdoor seating on Monday, extraordinary scenes as many venues had to cram 16 people on their front pavements under a £30 marquee creating a tin of sardines like space for people to enjoy their pints in the freezing cold... and what's worst? We are ALL here for it! Seeing and hearing the familiar buzz that only comes from intoxicated drinkers, Primark like queues outside and about 15 million instagram posts, normality is creeping back and we are loving it.

Here are our top 5 recommended watering holes in Brighton with outdoor seating to fill your boots: 

1) Shooshh Brighton 

 Obvious, we know. But can anyone beat it? No. Brighton Seafront, more heaters than you nan's living room, bangers on deck, party vibes and best of all one of the most covid secure venues in the city as there is so much space. If you want a great time, reasonably priced drinks and to be entertained all day or night then this is the spot for you. 

2) North Laine Pub 

 A proper place this. We always spend about 30 minutes trying to choose a drink here such is the vast array of appealing drinks on the menu before ALWAYS settling on a pint of mangoliscous (beer has never tasted better). Great food selection, great service and just a well run slick operation from Brighton's staple drinking venue. 

3) Brighton Music Hall

 Live music, beach huts, festoon lighting and a lick of paint. Can we find any reason to complain? No. Feels odd after a whole year of moaning constantly that the Brighton Music Hall experience is the closest to what the pre-covid Brighton Music Hall experience was. Hats off and fair play to them. Expect this to be busy, all summer, all day and all night. 

4) Black Lion 

 Ever popular and with good reason. Food is top notch, outdoor seating top notch and nestled in the Laines. A pub loved by all ages over 18, you can go here with your uni mates for a session or you can bring your ancient relatives safe in the knowledge that you will get exactly what you expect. Perfect. 

5) Hobgoblin 

 The Hobby. Any place with fake grass is instantly a favourite of ours. Hobgoblin are doing walk ins only so if you are like us and can't plan what time to wake up effectively let alone what time your group may or not be heading to the pub 3 weeks in advance then this is ideal. Great atmosphere and usually some amazing student friendly drink deals on offer too. 


There you have the definitive guide to getting slaughtered. We aren't quite there yet but we are a step closer and all you have to do is walk past any one of these venues to see some happiness and fun etching its way back into our lives. It's going to be the summer of our lives ahead and minus the sub artic conditions it's just about started.