What are the perks of working for Rox?

We asked our Rox Family why they love working for Rox and we have compiled a list of all our perks and reasons why we think you would love to join the Rox Team!


FREE Entry to all ROX Events

Working for Rox provides you with several opportunities, one of my personal favourites’ is to have access to FREE entry to all Rox events, So, whether you’re grabbing those free pizza slices and donuts at the biggest night out of the week, CU Next Tuesday, or getting pics for the gram at the most instagrammable vip night with not only free bottles and Free VIP, we’ve got your entry fees covered!




Free VIP and Queue Jump to all Rox Promotions Events

As lots of our Rox Family are students, the free VIP and queue jump perk of the job allows us to live our boujee best lives on that dreaded student budget! What more could you ask for?




Being a Rox member means non stop socials and opportunities to meet new people. Join the team and experience weekly socials at our events with free drinks and upgrades. Socials we have recently had range from trips away to our club night in Cambridge Woo, lazer tag, Land Beyond Festival, nights out to outside of Brighton and so much more. Making memories and friendships that last a lifetime.




Flexible Working To Discover What Job Role Suits YOU!

Unsure on what job role suits you best? We at ROX have a vast range of roles for you to try and choose from. From being a promoter and ROX rep, campus work, social media marketing, content creation, promo or ticket selling and graphic design, working for ROX allows you to explore different job roles and building your skills in knowledge in a wide range of ways. Whilst expressing your individual creativity by providing inspiration for potential themes for the best night outs of the week, a company truly ran by student for students!



Flexible working hours:

Working for ROX allows you to pick up shifts whenever you want! So if uni deadlines are looming or you want a movie night and me time, there is no pressure to commit to a certain amount of hours each week, whenever suits you best.


Get Paid to Party!

If you love to party and socialise like we do, the ROX Family is for you! Be the night out plug for you and your friends as whilst you receive free entry to all our events, you can offer your friends Guestlist (discounted) entry, earning yourself uncapped commission whilst you get paid to party!



Gain experience and Make Friends… All Whilst Getting That Coin!

From my own experience, working alongside the ROX Family has provided me with endless opportunities. From the staff socials at Brighton’s biggest festivals to making friends for life with the friendliest and most inclusive team I have ever worked for! Working for ROX allows you to meet new people, increasing your self-confidence as a result, all whilst gaining new occupational experiences in the media, graphic designing and events management industries. What more could you ask for?



Sound like you could be part of the team? DM us on instagram now to join the team!



Author: Millie Bonas