STUDENT HACK: Too Good To Go - Environmental Solutions on a Budget

If you are living on a student budget in Brighton, want to support local businesses and fancy some yummy treats, Too Good To Go is the app for you!

Whilst living in Brighton, it is not a secret that rent prices are high and as a student it is sometimes difficult to treat yourself to some good food on a strict budget.

We recently investigated the app Too Good To Go to see whether it is worth your time and money! Spoiler alert- it definitely it is!

The premise of the app is to allow people to experience food all around the country for a fraction of the price whilst stopping food waste. This app enables businesses to sell "magic bags” with a selection of items that would otherwise have gone to waste. These items are fresh and fine to eat meaning you can enjoy all the benefits of the delicious local business whilst saving your money for nights out!

In order to see whether this app is worth your time and money, we have investigated the different offerings Brighton has!

This Little Piggy by McStrongs

Based in The Open Market, This Little Piggy make handmade sausage rolls and pork pies, including vegan options and their pick n' mix sausage rolls! From Too Good To Go it cost £3.50 to save a bag of 12 mini sausage rolls from their pick n' mix selection as well as 3 vegan sausage rolls. Not only was this an incredible deal considering it contained £14 worth of food but the sausage rolls were delicious and interesting. As a part of this magic bag, we received some of their cool new flavours including a hoisin duck roll, an american breakfast sausage roll and a Spanish food inspired sausage roll! This Too Good To Go was definitely worth the money.

Marks and Spencer's- Lewes Road

Whilst this is not a local business, Marks and Spencer's is definitely out of most student's budgets with their good quality food and wide selection of foods. For £4 you can get a selection of ready meals, fresh vegetables and desserts worth around £15. This Too Good To Go was worth the money, however, it was not as interesting as the other options. 

Dum Dum Doughnut

Based in the South Laines, this donutterie offers a great selection of doughnuts and croissants in some incredible flavours. For £3.99 you are able to get three doughnuts that are usually worth around £5 each! If you fancy a bit of a treat on a budget and want to try out some of the cool donuts such as their croissant doughnuts and vegan options, this is definitely the place to go! it is so nice to see some of the more luxury brands branching out and using Too Good To Go as it allows students and other people on a budget to try them out!

The Flour Pot Bakery

With a few different locations around Brighton, Flour Pot is one of the best bakeries in our area. With vegan options and imaginative selections, it is a great place to study, grab a coffee with a mate or stock up! However, it is a little bit pricey, especially if you are unsure of what you fancy! This has been one of the most successful Too Good To Go orders because for £3.50 you are able to get multiple loaves of bread, croissants, sandwiches and other pastries! This is definitely one of the best places to grab left overs from if you love baked goods and bargains!

All in all, this app is a win win for small businesses, students on a budget and the environment! It is a great idea if you fancy shaking up your food habits or if you want a cool date idea. Check out the app if you want to save money, stop food waste and try new food!